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Collective Order

Greetings and Welcome!

Torkom Saraydarian´s books explore and explain the mysteries of the ages in clear, simple, and direct language. These Teachings bridge Eastern and Western spirituality, both modern and ancient, synthesising the world´s religions and creating a worldwide spiritual understanding for modern men and women.

To order Torkom´s books and lectures from US involves unfortunately high shipping costs. Therefore we do a monthly collective order from TSG Arizona. By optimising weight and volume we minimise these costs for everyone. We import the books to Switzerland and send them from here to you.

How does the collective order work?

Choose the books, videos, CDs you like to order on TSG online store. > TSG online store

Send us an email with your name, address, products and price. >

We send you a confirmation and the approx. total price for your order in Euro.

We inform you when your order is here and ready to be sent to you.

If you have any questions just call us +41 (0)41760 52 65 or send an email. >

We are happy to help you.

German books by Torkom Saraydarian
Books in german language are available here >
We send the books with Swiss Post.

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